gourmet Burgers

We at Beach Bums Burgers want you to feel good about your food choices. That's why we make our burgers with 100% certified USDA American Wagyu Beef, which has NEVER been injected with  hormones or antibiotics.  Wagyu is recognized for unprecedented taste and texture giving you a flavorful and juicy burger.  So "Come Bum With Us" and enjoy good vibes with good people! 

                        BUMS GOURMET BURGERS

​1. Original Bums Burger -  topped with American cheese and grilled onions.  $8.00                                         

2. Bums have the Blues -  thrown together with grilled onions, applewood smoked bacon, melted blue cheese then served on a buttered brioche bun.  $9.00

3. Mike's Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich -   12 hr smoked Carolina pulled pork with island slaw. $10.00

4. Bison Burger - Fig spread, caramelized onions, applewood smoked bacon, goat cheese, arugula and served on a buttered brioche bun. $14

5. Bums Boar Burger - A savory 1/4 lb. boar burger cooked medium rare and topped with grilled shallots, melted blue cheese, Sriracha vinaigrette, and a sliced fuji apple. $14

                                  BUMS DOGS

1. Bums Dog - Topped with Grilled onions, and American cheese. $5

2. Lazy Hot Bums - Wrapped in bacon then deep fried, topped with grilled onions, American Cheese and finished with Sriracha Mayo.  $6

3. Crazy Bums Dog - Wrapped in bacon, deep fried, topped with Mikes South Carolina smoked pulled pork, and then finished with Cole slaw.  $8.00


Seasoned Bum Fries - Deep fried in peanut oil and seasoned with bums special seasoning $5.00

* Add smoked bacon and melted gouda $2 extra

Knarly Bum Fries - Seasoned Bum Fries topped with 1/4 lb.  of Mikes South Carolina smoked pulled pork. $7.00


Carolina pulled Pork - $2

Bacon - $1.50

American Cheese $1.00

Make it  a combo